The life of a Superhero

Deadpool chilling in bed. Doesn’t get more mundane than that!


So I wanted to play around with GIMP (photo editing software) a bit more, so I found a picture of dead pool, erased the background and put him on a bed instead. I’m starting to understand GIMP a bit more, it’s nice to notice myself getting better (even though I still suck lol).


256 Points

I did the 256 Points visual assignment. So above is a picture of my superhero Charlie Sass! This assignment was perfect because she would prefer to keep her identity a secret. The picture itself is only 16 x 16 pixels… making an image this small was definitely challenging. I wanted to keep as much detail in the picture as possible, and I wanted the iconic red hair to show.

Color changer

I did the Color Changer assignment and played around with the hue. I think the end result was kinda cool. I took this picture in Helsingborg, Sweden (my hometown). I was sitting at a beach side restaurant with my friends having a few drinks and there was this kid playing in the sand all by himself. The beach was completely empty because it was around 8 pm, and the minute I thought “Oh this would be a pretty picture” I saw the ship in the background. Those kinds of ships don’t pass through our waters very often so I’m glad I got to snap this picture. I changed the colors to the end result you see above because I wanted to keep the light in the picture. I was playing around with the red hue too, but I thought the sky looked nicer blue.

Not a shadow of a doubt

My wedding ring that has yet to be worn. 223 days to go!

For this assignment I wanted to do something meaningful, so I immediately started thinking about my engagement ring, but the pictures didn’t turn out as well as I had wanted. So I shifted my thought process over to the wedding band, what’s more symbolic than a wedding ring just waiting to be worn? It took a while to get the ring to balance on the pages of the book, it fell over about a 1000 times. That’s why it’s a little crooked in the picture too, cause I didn’t want to move it again. I think it came out good regardless 🙂

What’s in my bag?

  1. Paper handkerchiefs.
  2. Wallet.
  3. Keys.
  4. Aspirin.
  5. Pen.
  6. Nasal Spray.
  7. Ear plugs.
  8. Lighter.
  9. Pepto.
  10. Water.
  11. Cigarettes.

Here’s what I keep in my purse at all time. Exciting stuff.