Character Dossier

Her name was Charlie Sass, but when she was little she went by Char or Bonnie Lass if you asked the nice Irish fellow who lived next door. Charlie was born on an ordinary grey and rainy day, November 15th, 1991. The people who knew her would agree that day she was born was the most ordinary thing about her.  She grew up alongside of her older brother Nathan, whom she always looked up to. Nathan was three years older and incredibly intelligent. Their mother was murdered when Charlie was only three years old, so she doesn’t remember much about her except her smell and her voice when she would sing to her at bedtime. That voice still echoes in her mind sometimes. The siblings were raised by their half absent father, who never got over losing the love of his life. He spent his life searching for her killer, but with no luck. Nathan took on a parenting role at a young age and sort of acted like a father to Charlie, which only made her adore him more. When Charlie turned 8, she accidentally got her finger caught in a wire that sliced her finger straight off. However, that wasn’t the most shocking event that occurred that day. Within a matter of minutes, her finger had regrown and there was no trace of the finger ever being separated from her body, except for the remaining blood on her hands. She discovered her ability: rapid cellular regeneration. She never told anybody but Nathan who refused to believe her until she had demonstrated this ability three times. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Fast forward to present day, Charlie is 25 years old with no permanent address. She and Nathan travel the country to solve murders and mysteries that the authorities don’t seem to be able to solve. Charlie uses her ability to get up close with the nastiest of killers without being frightened. As far as she knew, the only way for her to die would be by decapitation, but this wasn’t a theory she was willing to test. The sibling pair drive a black 1967 Camaro in perfect condition passed down to them from their grandfather. In addition to being tech savvy, Nathan also knows how to work on cars, so he keeps the car running smoothly.

Charlie stands about 5’8 feet from the ground, weighs 152 lbs with long flowing red hair, dyed of course. Her natural color was what she would call, “rat colored”. When she was 18, she decided to cover 30% of her body in a tattoo. She now has a cherry blossom tree starting at her hip bone, wrapping around her torso and stretching its branches over her back. The tree is a symbol for peace and growth, everything that her childhood lacked.


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