Color changer

I did the Color Changer assignment and played around with the hue. I think the end result was kinda cool. I took this picture in Helsingborg, Sweden (my hometown). I was sitting at a beach side restaurant with my friends having a few drinks and there was this kid playing in the sand all by himself. The beach was completely empty because it was around 8 pm, and the minute I thought “Oh this would be a pretty picture” I saw the ship in the background. Those kinds of ships don’t pass through our waters very often so I’m glad I got to snap this picture. I changed the colors to the end result you see above because I wanted to keep the light in the picture. I was playing around with the red hue too, but I thought the sky looked nicer blue.

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  1. That is really cool that you are from Sweden! I traveled there last summer and it was beautiful. I like the background you gave on this picture and why you took it. The different colors added does change the photo it is nice to see them side by side.

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