Long distance relationship

I wanted to do the Long distance relationship assignment (2,5 stars), because my fiancé and I did long distance for almost a year combined. There were no instructions for the assignment, but in order to kind of illustrate what our LDR was like, I put together a collage. On a daily basis it was selfies and good morning/good night messages that sometime didn’t go through which made you wonder why the other person hasn’t texted yet. Are they still asleep? Are they busy? Did they forget? My fiancé surprised me with flowers a few times too from halfway around the world which is the best thing ever when you’re forced to be apart. It was a really hard year, but I honestly think it has made us stronger as a couple. If we survived that, I think we have a good shot at surviving everything. We learned to communicate better when all we could do was talk, that was probably the best thing that came out of it.

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