The Shape of Stories

So going off the episode of the Tick that I just watched, and the Shape of Stories the episode kind of starts out somewhere in the middle of the graph because The Tick is trying to prove himself and show off his powers but it’s not going very well. He’s down and bored, doesn’t quite know where to go to find people who “need” him. He meets Arthur, ¬†who just quit his accounting job and is just looking for some adventure. The two of them together catch bank robbers and suddenly he’s a hero.

I mean there’s definitely a reason why movies and books follow these different curves. I mean who wants to read about a very sad pathetic person who just never lucks out in anything and die tragically? Doesn’t sounds like a best seller to me. I think most of us need to see a happy ending because we’re hoping we get one too some day. I think it’s just so deeply rooted in us through our childhood and all stories ending with “and they lived happily ever after”. I think we’re more aware today that not every single person will get their happy ending, but somehow I think that’s still everyone’s life goal.




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