What is a superhero?

So I read How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes and I watched The Tick, S01E01. The article was eyeopening to me due to the fact that the word “superhero” to me has always been associated with capes and superpowers like flying or shooting spider webs from your hands. It’s interesting to kind of expand on the idea of superheroes because I’m still very narrow minded, and I shouldn’t be. There are plenty of superheroes today that don’t wear capes and fight crime the way I kind of imagine it. I mean I loved the show Heroes when it was on and I watched it religiously when I was 15-16 years old. I love fantasy in general, like Harry Potter, Name of the Wind, the show The Magicians and Supernatural. In a way these are all superheroes because they’re good people fighting evil, if you want to define the term as such. I’d never seen the Tick before since I grew up in Europe and the only superheroes I watched on Cartoon Network were The Powerpuff Girls.

Superheroes to me are good people, preferably with some sort of ability (but not necessarily) fighting evil in some form. Whether that evil is supernatural or completely natural and human. I don’t need the costumes and capes and all that jazz, in fact I prefer if the heroes don’t have it. I like the humbleness that seem to engulf these extraordinary people/characters, how they find it to be their life’s mission to do good but don’t really seem to expect much in return.

Those are just some of my thoughts, but what do I know… I’m still waiting on my Hogwarts letter.





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